Monday, March 26, 2012

Back and ready for action!

Hey y'all!  Did you miss me?  Well I am back and ready for serious baking action!  I took a hiatus, got things in order, and am now ready to hit the ground running!  Here are some thing that I have worked on lately...
As you can tell I am just a tad bit rusty.  I decided to test the waters with my munkies Valentines Parties.  I can see where I need work but I am a lot better off than I was when I started from scratch... Right?
Now I did these for Munky #1's karate baked goods fundraiser.  I totally chickened out and did not stick around to see if anyone even bid on them.  I know, I know, suck it up Amy.  Suck. It. Up.
I practiced a little on leopard print here.  These are done as "dry on dry" and I think that next time I will try "wet on wet".  These cookies were just practice and the Fam got to gobble them up.

As you can tell I am back.  I am a little shaky but determined to kick some serious funky booTAY!