Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gage’s Monsters

These little monsters are entirely a creation stemmed from my mind.  The orders for the cookies were, “Just Happy Birthday Gage is fine.”  I thought, “Oh no.  That just won’t do.”  SO I asked the customer for permission to do something fun.  The cookies were for 2 grandmas who were driving 3 hrs away in order to surprise their grandson.  His mom had a conference up north and he thought he wasn’t going to get a classroom birthday party.  I was told that the cookies stole the show and made them look REALLY good!  This is why I do it.  I am a small part of a special event in someone’s life.  My goodies make people smile and that is awesome!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Inspiration comes in many disguises…

Inspiration comes in many disguises…
When I draw or sketch up my ideas for orders I feel very capable of handling my pencil or pencils.  In my head I say, “Amy you can SO do this and it will be awesome!”  However, the closer it gets to the time to begin working I start stressing NOT SCREWING IT UP!  Normally I consider myself pretty talented and artistic, a “free spirit”. (Nearly, I do like to shower and shave…)  Anyway back to my stressing, I start doubting what I can do and sometimes I even start formulating excuses to give the customer as to why I can’t do it.  (The excuse that I spotted Bigfoot in my backyard is totally buyable.) 

Ok back to the blog.  I am stressing and plotting my escape route when it dawns on me, “HEY what about a glass of wine!”  Of course I fall to the peer pressure because my inner dialogue is so charming and convincing. 

Drinking the wine while I decorate does help to ease the stress.  It allows me to relax and “become 1 with the pastry bag”.  Now I just have to figure out how to justify waking up with the pastry bag in my bed… Dedication maybe?  

Time goes by so fast

Time goes by so fast….
My husband and I were married for 8 years before we were able to get pregnant.  Every month my heart was ripped wide open when the monthly reminder reared it’s ugly head.  We decided to adopt and started the lengthy process of open adoption.  We had to create a photo album depicting our life and attend countless workshops.  Our albums were then given to the birthmothers and we waited and waited and waited.

All of a sudden Joe got very ill.  He was sick to his stomach and feverish. It took his illness to make me realize that my period was late.  I took 2 home pg tests and went to the health center to have a blood test.  The result was the same.  I WAS PREGNANT!

My children are so precious to me.  Sometimes life gets in the way and I start to feel like I am not being the mom I should.  Or I have a hard day at work and am grumpy towards them.  I am trying to really pay attention to this.  My babies are a gift from God and I cherish them so.  I am not the loving gushy type but I do show my kids that I love them.  I don’t coordinate their clothes and most of the time I let them dress them selves.  Martha Stewart I am not. I just keep reminding myself that God knows my personality and He gave me these babies.