Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's all research


As you can see our family history is a history filled with outlaws. It is eery how comfortable my husband and son look behind bars.
     This was a trip to Boothill, Dodge City, Kansas.  It is one of the original jail cells that is left standing.  These cells held many infamous outlaws in their day.  My husband claims that he was Billy the Kid in a former life and as we walked around he would reminisce about the good ole days.  He tells these stories very convincingly and our son was buying it hook, line, and sinker.  
     Outside of the fort there is an old steam engine and train depot.  The kids climbed all over that thing.  They could not believe that people used to travel in it.  You can still catch the train in Dodge city and travel to Dallas, TX or up in Missouri.  They even have sleeper cars.  
     Now as we were touring Boothill my son asked us if we had to use the bathroom in an outhouse, if we had electricity when we were little, and if we had to ride horses everywhere.  I just thought to myself, it's official I am now an old parent, next stop the tween years.  The difference between now and the tween years is that right now I am smart.  Wow, this is going to be fun. 
     Of course we had to stop in the saloon.  We missed the cancan girls but were just in time for some ice cold sasparilla (rootbeer).  The kids thought that this was the most awesome part of the trip.  I just love this picture, she looks like she is having a cold one after a long hard day.  I do believe she has seen this pose before. LOL!    
     I didn't realize that Kansas had such a rich history.  Yes I am from Texas and am a bit of a snob but I am learning to appreciate other states.  SSH, don't tell my fellow Texans.  I have to research in top secret.  They must never know....

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