Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mama Duck without her ducklings

The picture above was found on urbanfamily's flickr photostream.  

     I am feeling very melancholy tonight.  You see my kids have gone to stay with their grandparents for a couple of days in Texas.  A few years ago my husband was transferred to Kansas and we left our home in Texas.  Up until that point my kids had the wonderful privilege of living a few minutes from both sets of grandparents, their aunt, their uncle, and 5 cousins.  For the last two years I have not been home without my kids, well wait Christmas 2008 they were gone a week but I was heavily sedated due to a serious surgery.  So technically I don't remember them being gone.  
    We left home this morning and headed for Oklahoma City.  My daughter complained of a tummy ache but ate breakfast so I didn't think anything of it.  An hour and half down the road she stopped talking and just laid her head back in her seat.  Though I thought this to be abnormal I thought that maybe due to the time change and early hour she was tired.  She told Dad that she needed to throw up.  This is not good.  This kid can projectile like no other.  We stop at a station and she is shaking like a leaf on a tree.  I do the mother fever test and yep, it's positive.    We decided to go ahead and meet the inlaws in OK City and bring my daughter back with us.  We stop to eat and she only wants water.  Not good.  She sleeps on and off but wakes and complains of a sore throat.  Not getting better.  
     We arrive at the top secret meeting point AKA Burger King and her mood brightens some.  We go in and she orders mac and cheese.  Things are looking up.  She takes 2 bites and says she is done.  Now she IS a bit of a drama queen so I watch her when she isn't looking.  She coughs and winces, holding her throat.  Now I ask my husband for advice and I get the standard, "It's up to you.  Your the mom."  Lord bless him.  As I am deliberating inwardly my daughter looks up at me and says, "Mom, all I have to do is get through 4 days."  My 4 year old daughter is saying this.  I am still in shock.  She pretends to put on a happy face because she really wants to go to Ma and Poppy's.  
     Well Ma and I head to Walmart to get Ma up to speed on what little kids take these days.  Thermometer, Tylenol Cold, Ibuprofen, directions on how much and how often to take it, and sore throat spray in hand Ma gets in her car and speeds away with my babies.  Ok maybe it wasn't that dramatic but hey this is my blog.  As a normal person I know that my mother in law will take very good care of my daughter.  As a mother, that is another story.  I mean as we drove away I couldn't help but think, "You are a terrible mother!  You just sent your sick daughter away to get better without her mom.  What kind of mother are you?!"  Yes my inner dialogue can be quiet harsh.  
     Needless to say, everyone arrived safely to their destinations.  My daughter said that her throat still hurt and I immediately think "Meningitis!"  and my dear sweet husband says, "Amy, it is probably how she held her head in the car as she slept."  Yes he tends to be the rational one.  My son said, "Mom she started talking, ALOT,  so I think she feels better."  
     *SIGH*  Three days and counting.....

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