Tuesday, September 21, 2010

S'more for me!

Inspired by trip down memory lane thanks to "old skool" Pepsi (see prior post), this little darling is perfect for that sugar fanatic.  What's better than sitting around a campfire, hopefully with water near by, toasting marshmallows and smushing them between graham crackers and chocolate?!  

I am a "feelings" kind of person so now the task was laid before me to transform that feeling into a cupcake.  There are 100 to 1 s'more cupcake recipes out there and after searching for one I liked I soon found myself swimming in graham cracker, ganache, and marshmallow creme goodness.  Have you ever actually looked for a s'more recipe?  If you decide to take on this task I suggest you block out at least 2 hours. Seriously.

Back to the cupcake... I wanted a true graham cracker taste in the cupcake and decided to do a flourless cake, using the graham cracker as the "flour".  In theory this was an excellent idea but in reality I was disappointed.  The cupcake had an "eggy" taste to it and the consistency was "ew" at best.  For the chocolate I made a chocolate ganache and the frosting was marshmallow and cream cheese.  My taste testers (AKA the fam) gobbled them up as soon as I gave them the go ahead but this one isn't a winner for me.  Back to the drawing board I suppose...

It may have not tasted like I had hoped but it was a very photogenic little fella.  


  1. Looks beautiful to me...I was just daydreaming about these!

  2. I am going to revamp the recipe and then send you some. These were just not up to par for me. I want you to melt in your shoes when you taste them.

  3. Those cupcakes sound awesome to me and look spectacular!!! I just found your blog through sugarbelle! I am addicted to baking too!!! When I am not running after my little ones...you can find me baking cookies. I try to post my creations on www.cookieconstruction.blogspot.com. Love your blog! I am in Kansas too!!! Thanks for sharing!!!