Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

As 2010 winds down many people are dutifully making their resolutions lists.  I don't do resolutions.  I am the type of personality who consistently reflects on how such and such could have been done better or how I could react differently.  2011 is already showing a lot of changes for me.  Some good, some not so good, and some of the "have to wait and see".  Those are the ones I really don't like.  So I have decided to control the ones that I can and try not to control the ones that I can't.

In 2011 my main goal is to do a little soul searching and find what it is that REALLY makes me happy.  The world has worn down my weary soul and I plan to claim it as my own once again.  Then of course I have the "lose those last 30lbs" dedication that has become a life long goal I believe.  At this point I am sure that I came out of the womb proclaiming that "I WILL LOSE THE LAST 30LBS!"  but to untrained ears it just sounded like a lot of crying.

I have a confession to make... For a while I stopped baking all together.  Someone told me my work sucked and it knocked me down hard.  Others started making cookies and I thought, "Well if I suck they can have it all."  I just recently started baking again and today I finished my first batch of decorated cookies in 4 months.  The ideas just stopped coming and the desire was gone.  I stopped doing a lot of things.

Baking is my refuge from the uncontrollable things going on in my life right now.    I may not be able to control what's going on in my world but I can damn sure control what goes on in my kitchen.  Will this lead to something grande and wonderful?  Only time will tell until then I offer this...


  1. I think you are a Wonderful Creative Cookie Maker.. Baker of all. I have been Lucky enough to eat these delish cookies . Whoever the turd was that was cruel.. well From me to them.. U can Suck it! <3 Jealousy is such an ugly thing.
    Anyways you keep your head up!
    I look forward to seeing more Creative goodness!

  2. I came over here from "Frosting for the Cause," was looking around and found this post. I'm sorry that someone was rude and cruel to you! If baking makes you happy, keep it up! I bake for my own enjoyment:)